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New Year, Newborns

I love shooting many types of clients at various stages of life, be it a full mass wedding to just following two brothers around as they ride bikes and climb rocks. I think it’s because it’s the memories that I’m capturing and I love being the one telling the story.

Maybe it’s the mom in me; I really didn’t discover my love for photography till after the birth of my first born, but those memories are so precious and fleeting and I know how important to me to document MY children that I feel a responsibility to do the same for my clients who have entrusted me to document their little one.

All that being said, I love it all but none as much as shooting newborns. There is something so special about documenting their little toes, ear, lips, belly buttons and everything! You can do so much fun stuff with them too! I mean, you can’t stick a two year old in a serving dish!!

I had the pleasure of shooting some real cuties last year (not including my own newbie!) and I really enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are a few details about my Newborn package. To see more details go to my website.

Newborn (1 to 6 weeks old) sessions are laid back and can last up to two hours to allow for diaper and clothing changes, feedings, and other necessary accommodations.

Because these sessions take more time, there is a higher session fee. In order to provide full attention to the infant, these sessions are limited to 3 people.
I believe it is best to have these sessions in your home. No bright lights or drives to the studio. No hassle or packing everything up and bringing it along. No pretense of pretending to be natural and happy on sterile white backdrops. Just opening the door and being yourself can ease some of the stress you would otherwise feel.
I recommend that, if you are scheduling a newborn or infant shoot, you designate the majority of the two hours to the baby and schedule family portraits separately.

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I was blessed to shoot some pretty amazing gals this year.

I am proud to say that they are all beautiful and all possessed their own style. There is something to be said about a bride and the glow of happiness that surrounds them.


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I am currently revamping my packages so if you are interested in booking a bridal session or a wedding in 2011 please contact me at for the most current details.


A New Year a New Start

So every year I think that this will be the year I will stick to blogging and every year I fail… miserably. So this year I am going to try to blog at least once a month. I want to keep this blog somewhat current with the work I am doing and to show off my latest cuties, because let’s face it, I have some really cute clients.

So over the next couple of days I am going to try to bring the blog up to date on what I shot the last half of 2010. There are a couple of weddings and a few newborns and of course my yearly cuties for Christmas card.

I leave you with a pic of my newest little project and new muse.

Beau Asher Barton Lizenby

This was taken three days after he was born in the NICU. This may be my favorite shot of 2010.


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