So much to blog about

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are running or maybe at work and it’s crazy busy and no matter how fast you run or work you cannot catch up? I had one of those dreams last night. I was waiting tables again and not matter what I did I was always behind. It must be one of those dreams that are fueled by the fears of your subconscious .

I feel like am loosing time. I just can’t seem to make it all fit in.

I know one of the reasons for this is my less than stellar organizational skills. I wish I had the ounce of organization that my sister has in her pinkie toe. I think Lisa had day planners for her Barbies!

All this is an elaborate way to say that I have been meaning to blog all of my awesome sessions but I just haven’t allotted the time to do it.

side note: I obviously have a problem with multitasking too! Just burnt my favorite plastic pan scraper from Pampered Chef while trying to boil water and blog at the same time! Ack! my whole house smells like burnt plastic now!!

And also, I have got to say thank you to the best clients ever! Not only have you been a great looking group but you have been a breeze to work with! A big thanks to all my clients who have been referring me to their friends and family! That has got to be the biggest compliment and really lets me knows that I’m doing something right!

OK, enough gushing. Here is a overview of what I’ve been to do over the last couple of months.


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