The Early Bird gets the Worm

I am posting the packages that I am offering this season for Christmas cards sessions a little early but I’ve always thought it can never be too early to start thinking about Christmas time!

You do not have to purchase these package in order to have a session but there are some advantages to booking either the joy, love or peace packages.

a.) the discounts within the packages rang from about $15 – $75 off the a la carte pricing.

b.) I will not be offering digital files separate from the packages. The joy and peace packages would be ideal for my clients who already have a Christmas card stationer and just need the digital file.

c.) You will have additional prints available as gifts for grandparents.

d.) You will get a discount for additional prints when ordered before the end of the year.

Christmas Card Packages for 2009

Christmas Card Packages 2009

Please email me at to see about my available dates.

I will not be taking any Christmas Card sessions in November and I will not be taking any sessions in the month of December. I am doing this to insure a sufficient amount of time to get everyone their orders in a timely manner.


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