Livin’ la Vida Lizenby

I used to be a fairly good blogger. I would make a point to remember the funny things that boys did throughout the day or little observations that I had about my day to day activities. Well… I really have no excuse as to why a stopped. Maybe it’s a combinations of putting my thoughts and energies towards my photography business, a little bit to do with being obsessed with Facebook, a pinch to do with Lunden starting school and a dash of just letting life get in the way. I plan to remedy that with a commitment to blog about what I’m up to  at least once a week. It most likely will be mainly about the boys but hey, I’m a proud mommy and I can’t help it.

This month the Lizenbys welcomed a new member to the family. She is a sweet and mild natured cocker spaniel named Lola. We are in the middle of house breaking her and I think that I might be the one to break. I feel like I’m in potty training mode again. This is one of those times when you find it difficult to “rejoice always” as you clean up every surface of your house. Well I guess in a round-a-bout way my floors haven’t been this regularly cleaned since couple of years ago when we were training Bryce.dec-collage2


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